WP Smush Pro 3.11.1 – Best image optimization plugin

WP Smush Pro Nulled Image Optimization for WordPress is a plugin that will automatically optimize and resize every image in the directory of your website.

Need an effective solution to stop the slow loading images that slow down your site? Meet WP Smush Pro Nulled, which can do all the work for you. It starts by smushing your pictures on upload, saving space, and speeding up your site while using compression and other techniques that reduce image size while preserving image quality.

About Smush Pro Nulled – Free Download

Smush Pro Nulled is a plugin that can optimize a single image or bulk optimize all the pictures you’ve ever added to your site. With only one click, you can fix your Google PageSpeed with the best image optimizer WordPress has ever known.

It includes the following features to help you resolve your Google PageSpeed opportunities and achieve the best optimization for your images.

WP Smush Pro Nulled Features

  • Bulk Smush: Compress existing images to save space on your server and increase page speed.
  • Super Smush: Get 2x the compression than lossless with our intelligent multi-pass lossy compression.
  • Lossless Smush: Smush squeezes every last byte out of your images for the best lossless compression.
  • Resize Images: Set max width and height to resize the large ones on upload.
  • Restore Originals: Store original files, so you can quickly restore them when you need full quality.
  • Auto-Smush: Smush will automatically compress your images and keep your site running at top speed.
  • Keep EXIF Data: Special for photographers that want to keep image information attached.
  • PNG to Lossy JPEG: Smush converts PNG files to lossy JPEG when additional savings are detected.
  • Compress Big Files: From your camera direct to your site, WP Smush Pro Nulled optimizes images up to 32MB.
  • 200% Faster: Smush Pro’s CPU boosters compress images a whopping 200% faster than Smush free.
  • Directory Smush: Smush images outside the media library by setting other directories to be optimized.
  • S3 Cloud Smush: Use Smush with WP Offload S3 to optimize your Amazon S3 cloud-based media library.
  • Image CDN: Serve your images from our blazing-fast 40 Tbps CDN for faster and lighter page speeds.
  • WebP Conversion: Smush converts and delivers WebP images on supported browsers (+25% smaller than JPEG and PNG).
  • Wrong Size Detection: The plugin will automatically serve the correct size when your images don’t match their containers.

WP Smush Pro – Additional Features

2x File Reduction

Enjoy more than double the savings using Super-Smush, which uses its advanced compression algorithm to save more than 2x without any drop in visual quality.

Bulk smush unlimited images

With WP Smush Pro you can optimize UNLIMITED images on your site with a click and keep smushing your upload in the future automatically.

Smush Pro CDN

Serve your images from 45 locations around the world. Your site will load fast for every visitor and rank better on speed tests. 10GB monthly bandwidth included.

Backup original images

Optionally store original images as a backup so you can quickly restore them to their original quality at any time.

Automatic resize & scale

“Properly size images” as recommended by Google, so the images fit within the container correctly. One-click solution.

WebP support

Automatically serve streamlined next-gen images (25% smaller) using Smush Pro’s CDN or the Local WebP feature.

Auto-convert PNG to JPEG

Convert PNG (without transparency) to JPEG automatically if it results in a smaller file size without a visible drop in quality.

Compress Huge Images

Save a ton of space by optimizing large images (file size unlimited) with the one-click bulk smush wizard.

Lazy loading

Configure lazy loading to defer offscreen images, choose custom loading animations and improve page speed.

Why download Smush Pro?

Manually optimizing your images would involve a lot of resizing, a fair bit of coding, and heaps of time. Luckily, Wp Smush Pro free download does all the hard work for you and plenty more.

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