WebinarPress Pro 2.24.38 – WordPress Webinar Plugin

WebinarPress Pro – WordPress Webinar Plugin

With WebinarPreee Pro, you can use the powerful live streaming of YouTube Live or any prerecorded video from YouTube, Vimeo or hosted on your own server.

  • Interact with your attendees by letting them ask questions and answer them during the webinar either in your video or with question and answer feature.
  • Fully responsive pages so visitors can attend a webinar from every mobile device or tablet.
  • Collect attendees’ name and email address and import them into your third party email provider.
  • Fully customizable email reminders so your attendees so they don’t miss the webinar.
  • Optional replays so attendees who missed the timeslot get a second chance.

Features of WebinarPress

  • Organize live webinars with Hangouts on Air, Youtube or Vimeo (MP4 video files, iframes and RTMP streams are also available in the Pro version)
  • Customize the styling of every webinar page
  • Use shortcodes to place a registration or login form anywhere in your website
  • Responsive / mobile friendly webinar pages
  • Collect attendees name and email when they sign up
  • Send automatic reminders and customize them to your needs
  • Confirmation pages after signing up
  • Countdown page to show before the event starts
  • See how many people are online during your webinar
  • Export attendees to text or CSV file
  • Let attendees ask questions during the live event and keep a log of it
  • Give away an incentive during your live webinar or replay
  • Have a replay available for registrants that missed out on the webinar
  • Works with almost any theme

Features of WebinarPress Pro

  • Automated recorded webinars (Pro version)
  • Recurring, evergreen, just in time and on demand webinars (Pro version)
  • Custom registration fields (Pro version)
  • Paid webinars (Pro version)
  • Member webinars (Pro version)
  • See the names of attendees during your webinar (Pro version)
  • Live chat during webinars (Pro version)
  • Let attendees raise their hand (Pro version)
  • Show Call to Action elements during webinar (Pro version)
  • Widgets with past and upcoming webinars (Pro version)
  • Per webinar emails (Pro version)
  • Custom registration pages (Pro version)
  • Custom confirmation pages (Pro version)
  • Automated replays (Pro version)
  • Integration with WooCommerce (Pro version)
  • Integration with WooCommerce Memberships (Pro version)
  • Integration with Mailchimp (Pro version)
  • Integration with Aweber (Pro version)
  • Integration with ActiveCampaign (Pro version)
  • Integration with Mailpoet 2 & 3(Pro version)
  • Integration with Drip (Pro version)
  • Integration with GetResponse (Pro version)
  • Integration with Enormail (Pro version)
  • Integration with Zapier (Pro version)
  • Import & Export your webinar settings (Pro version)
  • Let attendees import the webinar to their Outlook or Google calendar (Pro version)

& more functionalities and integrations are on its way!

For more guides, information & documentation please go to getwebinarpress.com

(Formerly WP WebinarSystem)

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