Permalink Manager Pro – Best Wordpress Permalink Plugin

Permalink Manager Pro allows you to easily customize posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags, custom taxonomies

Want to create beautiful URLs for your posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags, custom taxonomies and WooCommerce shops? With the easy-to-use Permalink Manager Pro, you can easily do that. Install the plugin and use the SEO friendly URL builder to create beautiful URLs for your posts, pages, custom post types, categories, tags and WooCommerce shops.

It is a simple and easy to use WordPress plugin that generates a unique permalink for every post, page, and custom post type. Use this plugin to manage your WordPress site’s URL structure and clean up your code. You can also import/export the permalinks from the plugin settings.

Native WordPress tools for URL editing are notoriously limited. The plugin dramatically expands your control and works out-of-the-box for both native and custom content types. Create a custom permalink structure for your pages, posts, categories, and taxonomies.

  • WooCommmerce Permalink Manager
    Remove /product-category/, /product-tag/ from your WooCommerce permalinks in less than 2 minutes or customize your URLs to look exactly the way you want.
  • Full support for all post types & taxonomies
    Permalink Manager supports all native content types: pages, posts, categories and tags. It can be used also to edit all public custom post types & taxonomies permalinks.
  • Edit full permalinks, not only the slugs
    Permalink Manager allows to change the permalinks in two methods. You can manually adjust each of WordPress permalinks using URI Editor.
  • Besides that you can also bulk change them using Permastructures and apply the new completely customized format to them.
  • Automatically redirect the old permalinks
    Worried about 404 errors? Permalink Manager Pro would automatically (if enabled in settings) create the redirects for ALL previously used custom permalinks.
  • Extra SEO tools
    This is the only supported plugin that is compatible with Advanced Custom Fields and Toolset Types and allows to easily add the custom fields to your permalinks. Read more about this feature here.
  • Duplicate permalinks slugs
    Due to technical limitations WordPress does not allow to use same permalink base for more than one content type. The plugin allows to overcome this problem and keep the same permalink format for multiple post types and taxonomies.

Permalink Manager Pro  has been developed for (WordPress) and can be used to create the best permalinks in your blog. We all know that the permalums format of your blog is an important factor in ranking well on search engines. That’s why this plugin has been developed, to make sure your blog is on the top of its game with a professional (WordPress) SEO plugin.

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