Elementor Custom Skin Pro 3.2.2

Elementor Custom Skin Pro

Elementor Custom skin pro is a plugin that gives you the ability to add new skin to Elementor Page Builder posts and posts archive widget.

The plugin puts you in control by letting you design a loop item just like a single template that could later be used as a skin so you can be able to create a post grid the way you like.

All you have to do is to create a Custom Grid Template and place the Post Item Widget (placeholder) in your template made with sections and columns, and why not other widgets.

Note: It is worth mentionning that the plugin is an addon of Elementor Page Builder and will only work with the page builder installed.

The pro version is just a extension to the free plugin. Actually the pro version just adds few functionalities for custom fields. In order to get pro version fully working, you need to have the free version installed and then just install the pro version.

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